Imagine Amazing


It’s been a while since I’ve sat to blog. It’s not because my thinking has stalled. My thought process is as clear as ever. I have stepped back from psychology and therapy to take on a new endeavor: growing in new directions at this stage of life is…..interesting.  And one never really steps back from psychology, the application is different.

If this blog fuels your reason to not utilize my experience, my services, and any insight you may gain in working with me, here it is. I’ll load the gun. Unlike many, I’m not perfect. I haven’t lived a perfect life, and I still struggle with balance between work and play.

I have issues. I sometimes struggle with my issues. I take ownership of my issues and any references to identify the genesis of my issues are not to place blame, point fingers, deny accountability, or shirk responsibility for any pain, hurt, or discomfort I and my issues may have caused others.

One of my biggest issues is I have a genuine and sincere desire to aid, guide, coach and assist others in living the most amazing lives imaginable. No, more amazing than can even be imagined. The issue is while my heart is in the right place, my academic accomplishment best prepares me, and my life experiences include wonderful tales of victory and crashing stories of defeat I also struggle, at times, with the “who do you think you are?” syndrome. Maybe your’e familiar.

This isn’t a new thought for me, or even a new feeling to be realized. I’ve saddled myself with a diminished self-image most of my life, no violins please that isn’t the intent of this post.  I’m a master at hiding my true feelings behind a quick wit, biting sarcasm, and the innate ability to look another directly in the eye, thank them for recognizing my accomplishment while at the same time looking over my shoulder ready to duck and hide at being laughed at instead of laughed with: “who do you think you are…to win, to compete, to learn, to grow, to be considered smart, to expect good to come my way, to be lucky, to be happy, to be loved?”  Yes, I have issues. One issue I do not have (anymore) is the burden of denial. I never was a blamer, and I’m not a blamer now. I use to and unknowingly somehow took a secret pride in my capacity to accept shit from other people and in my savant-type genius devise a way that ends with blaming myself. The contrast to this mindset is not the ability to blame others.

You see there is an art to placing the egotistical needs of others before your own, especially when you know it and they need it. It is a perspective honed like the sharp edge of a ceremonial knife that places the emotional and psychological well-being of others before my own. In a professional capacity it is the correct seat at the table. There is no place professionally for the ego-driven therapist. In the personal realm this skill-set  speaks directly to “who do you think you are to have as much if not more value, at least for yourself, than others?”

I am a phenomenal therapist with the ability to cut through the fragmented stories of blame, hurt, pain and deceit that burden others and introduce them to amazing.  I specialize in identifying the minutia, bringing into awareness the repeated cycles that comfortably and silently steal from our bliss, and assist others in reigniting the Biblical verse related to turning the other cheek, which is metaphor for simply moving in a new direction.  Oh how we fear new directions. Yes, your life has the capacity to be absolutely amazing. More amazing than you can imagine. Amazing on purpose. Amazing for no other reason than you deserve amazing. I didn’t say perfect, I said amazing. Although perfect is even a perspective to be gained and understood.

The question remains, can you work with a therapist who is amazing at helping others but, at times, can’t seem to help himself?

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