perfect fullness
I’ll admit as I sit to write Im not really sure where this post will end. I do know the message I intend to convey.
“God Is”
Yep, that’s it. In this day and age of instantaneous information, opinionated perspectives offered as fact-based analytics my message today is simply “God Is”
There are those who radically accept this as real, those who can offer personalized evidence, and then those too, who question the existence of a God in a world featuring so much calamity. Valid question if your perceptions are fine tuned to calamity. Deepak Chopra offers in his book entitled “The Way of the Wizard” an interesting perspective: “Instead of questioning what you see in the world, wonder instead why you see what you do” (excuse my paraphrasing) Think about it. The world contains every event. What we immediately label good and bad. It seems some people can only see the bad in the world, while others can be just as nauseating only seeing what they term as good.
Bear with me, Im going someplace with this.
As I was walking my dog this morning my thoughts drifted to my daughter and two grandchildren. Being the gifted recipient of prayer offered endlessly by my mother I considered a strong prayer to God concerning my child. As a minister one may believe this a simple and routine task, it is not for me. Ive never been a bended-knee, asking for things kind of person.
I practice a rather ongoing communion with God. He and I don’t have deep philosophical discussions, or even theosophical dialogue weighing the events of the world to the Presence He has in my life. Being spiritually centered and non-religious has its merits, even if rooted in paradox. I rather practice a Buddhist inspired type of mindfulness based in a radical acceptance that seeks understanding. You know the passage “In all things, seek ye understanding” my personalized take on Proverbs 4:7. Of course this perspective I manage is heavily influenced by the Hindu principle of Namaste;” I recognize the God in you in an attempt to acknowledge the God in me”, again my own personalized interpretation.
What does any of this have to do with prayer you might ask? In my personalized communion with the God of my understanding and in wisdom seeking deeper understanding of the issues, circumstances and events surrounding me and my child the most powerful prayer ever uttered can only be “Thank You”. To be thankful opens me up to God’s Magnificence. Consider, if you will, the perfections found in the imperfections. The perfections are in the lessons, the understanding. Yes, we can all sometimes get STUCK on the imperfections of the event, circumstance or calamity. Its human to get transfixed in the world that surrounds us. Its spiritual to extract the lesson, seek understanding, radically accept the opportunity for personal evolution (feels like a revolution, sometimes) and most of all be thankful.
A Course in Miracles teaches us to see the God in everything, especially when its hard.
To my daughter, I love you and I know in love you will find the perfection in the imperfect events and circumstances we, you and I, find ourselves in. Seek understanding, radically accept the events put in place to teach you about you, and in faith be thankful. Most of all be thankful. Elyse, Namaste.
The Power in Prayer is in the Knowing that God Is.
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