Empty your Bucket Daily


It happens when we least expect it. Or perhaps it’s just something we don’t consider, the goodness of the feeling, because in the process of doing we get lost. Lost in the feeling joy brings in the doing of what we love to do, give

What does emptying a bucket have to do with joy or a sense of fulfillment?

Imagine, if you will, that every day you wake up with a bucket filled with the essence of you.  For some the bucket is over-flowing, for others their buckets are filled to the brim and yet for some the bucket could hold more, much more.


Imagine again going through your day giving the essence of you away. Just freely offering it to anyone you encounter along the way. With no judgment for the person you offer yourself to. No thought of return on your investment in others. No consideration of value ascribed to your giving or the recipient of your offering.

Those whose buckets could hold more at the beginning of the day were those who held onto their essence. These people are overly concerned with running out, not being replenished and as a result have less to offer, if any, to others. What they haven’t learned is the essence they wake with each day has grown stale and old. It’s the essence of themselves they fear giving away because in their belief in lack this essence has little value to others. And because there is no value assigned any new essences can’t be replenished in their buckets. They live lives of lack and unfulfilled realities.

Now those with essence threatening the rim of their buckets have learned the essence of themselves is plentiful. They give freely of themselves to others in the knowing there is endless supply from the Universe. These are those people you encounter every day wondering how they are always so happy. Or at times wondering if their happiness is even real, no one can always be that happy, can they be? Sure, and you can too.

Then there are those rare people who great each day overflowing with the essence of who they are. They go throughout their day looking to give of themselves, seeking out opportunities and occasions to give only what they truly possess, themselves. They don’t look for a return from others because the moment of giving is the gift. There is no judgment or value placed in the doing and the essence offered. They not only have belief in the endless supply of the Universe, they challenge the Universe to give to them more than they have. In emptying their buckets everyday room to be replenished is always open and available.

The rim filled and over-flowing people sleep soundly at night from the sweet exhaustion of their days work, to give. It’s that sleep that sometimes overcomes us when we worked hard and the feeling of rest earned is upon us.

Okay, this isn’t really about buckets. It isn’t even really about giving, although giving of oneself we should all consider.

This is about faith. How deep is your faith in the knowing that the Universe, God, will always replenish you?  But the replenishment is based solely (think Soul) on how much room in the bucket you leave to be filled.



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