Radical Acceptance


It’s a phrase I adopted after reading Lara Braches book entitled the same. I’ll admit I don’t believe I even finished the book because the principle it taught was readily accepted within my understanding.

Radical acceptance is the art of accepting without complete understanding or the needless and wasteful effort involved in justifying or reasoning. We quickly jump to justify events, or people, or circumstances because it typically allows us to distance ourselves from any responsibility to the event, other people or the circumstance we find ourselves in.

I happen to believe in Karma, a term embraced by many and rooted in perhaps one of the oldest religions known to man, Hinduism. Christians prescribe to the “reap what you sow” ideology. And those with an analytical disposition may be more comfortable with “cause and effect”. Despite your inclination the principle has existed, in its many knowings, since the dawn of mankind.

What does karma have to do with acceptance you might ask?

Acceptance of events, other people and circumstances are the door way to deeply understanding the karmic energy you put into play as “cause”.  Acceptance is the grace of the lesson learned from the event. Without the seed (reap) there would be no harvest (sow).

Radical acceptance is the receiving of the hard lessons. Radical in that every other attempt at teaching you the lesson you need to grow were pushed aside by your ego intent on keeping you in safe and familiar spaces. It is in our discomfort we seek another way, a different path or, again, those so inclined a decision to “turn the other cheek”, metaphor for moving in a new direction. The hard lessons hurt but they are hard because they have to be. Radical acceptance comes like a new dawn when you completely understand the you influenced the event, you attracted the person into your reality with the task of teaching you about you. Radical acceptance comes like a spring rain when you fully embrace the responsibility of the circumstance you find yourself in, right now, is a harvest of the seeds you planted.

We all too often get caught up in judgment. The judgment of good versus bad is a ego-based brain function Im not going to spend time here discussing, accept that, if you will.

On the spiritual realm there is only Divinity. There is no good or bad that exists spiritually. When the event, people or circumstance moves you to a higher understanding of self accept your growth. Or fight the growth presented before you and await the next lesson.  Radical acceptance teaches you are held accountable for growth. You created the event, you attracted the people and the event is a result of the cause you inspired.

There are moments in time when it is difficult to accept the radical occasions we co-create. Find the greater good in you fighting to come forth. Your Divinity awaits recognition (its always been there, despite you own efforts to suppress it)

Everything is Always for Your Greater Good, how radical is that?

Dr Richard Flannigan

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