Faith in God


Many of us, on occasion, have questioned God. Not the existence of God or even the many expressions and celebrations of God’s reality. The questions we ask of God come from a space deep within us and typically at times of calamity, either for ourselves or for others in the midst of their own difficulties in life.

There is only one valid question any of us need to ask of God. We get stuck in the analytical forefront of our brains trying to make logical sense of what is happening only to be further frustrated with no logical answers or none we are willing to accept that don’t lead to more questions.

I happen to believe, like many others, everything happens for a reason. Yes, our brains seek the balance of reason to make sense of things. As a psycho-therapist my belief has been challenged by some I serve given their circumstance of abuse and dysfunction. I wait for the time to supply answers as it is also my belief we all contain within ourselves the answers we seek.

Like a pre-adolescent child we become stuck in the WHY’s of those happenings. Why God if You’re omnipotent, all-knowing, all powerful would You allow this to happen? And again like the young child working hard for understanding any response to a why question almost always leads to another “but why?”

For your growth and development, at the deepest levels of your Soul, is the only response to the why question asked of God. To accept that response we first must garner the maturity to acknowledge there are aspects of our very essence yet to be known. Our ego’s struggle with this perception given we must also admit there are aspects of our being not yet tapped upon.

The next stage of questioning God derives from a WHAT question. Here in lay the very depth of your beingness. What am I to learn of my beingness that escapes my own conscious awareness? What new expansion of my individuated highest ideal of self is my ego protecting me from? Those varied and often hurtful things happen to us because they must in order for us to grow. There are always hints along our journey. Clues we discard because to admit we still have growing to do feels like an omission, as if something’s missing within ourselves. There is, acceptance of a higher ideal of you.

The final stage of questioning God isn’t a question at all. It’s what usually stumps us the most because it isn’t our question to answer. This question has led to more failure than any WHY or WHAT question ever could. We feel as if we must have an answer in order to move forward. Many of us believe it is in OUR doing that makes things happen. This question is almost an insult to God and we make the mistake every day. For those that believe in God we show no trust in God by even asking this question.

It is the HOW question.  In spiritual maturity we accept that why is for our personalized greater good. Our growth and expansion is always the answer to the WHY question. From a sincere desire to grow we ask the WHAT question of God and seek the understanding within the lessons of our turmoil.

With WHY and WHAT answered we move our ego’s to the side and trust in God’s grace to provide every aspect of the HOW. To supplement your growth and development God will put people, things, every resource necessary for your highest ideal in your path. To be spiritually mature enough to acknowledge God’s doing is the task. Recognition of your trust in God is contained within the depth of your FAITH.

Can you, at the deepest levels of your Soul, bestow a trust in God on little faith? Getting out of your own way is often a mantra many adhere to without any awareness of accomplishing that task. To let go and let God is not an act of cowardice, surrender, or a failure. To let go and to let God moves ego out of the way letting faith take the wheel in the knowing that everything happens for your greater good.

Faith is trust in God that expands your very beingness.

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  1. Well Said…thank you and Amen!!! Penny



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