Transformative Spirituality vs Psychotherapy

Image   The title of this post is misleading, but not done on purpose. The image attached depicts convergent waters flowing into a single source. You are the single source being filled by convergent streams. Family is a stream that fills us. Culture and Ethnicity flows within us. Societal normative’s and expectations fill us. Our own personal self identity often fills (feels) like its own river flowing in from its own undisclosed source. At various times within each of our realities we sometimes become confused by the rush of converging waters. In the confusion we identify with one source over the other. We forgo our truth to become the education we worked hard to achieve or the profession that supports us in our identity. In the quiet space of our truth we know we are more. To abandon the known, the acceptable, the many ideals of success to journey toward truth is wrought with question. I often feel like Ive answered enough questions and derived at many answers only to realize Ive surrendered myself to yet another identifiable rush of convergent waters. What I know as truth is I am the convergent source. I often dont live in the peace surrounding that ideal. My “training” pushes me to take on these identities that can only fall short. Led by the illusion of separate sources: career, education, ethnicity, culture, success, even gender tricks me into thinking I am only any of those things. Yes, within me are contained many perspectives of me that cant contain the convergent waters of me as the source. Please bear with me as I trip the line between source and Greater Source. I am a practitioner and lifetime student in the field of psychology. Unless youve done some intense study of psychology you may not know the study of psychology was first derived as a means to understand (study) the soul of man. Man in his infinite wisdom shifted the study from “who” man is unto himself to “what and how” man has become. What and how are “measurable” quantities. Who is infinite and only restricted by belief. Psychology now focuses an individual in the direction of “what am I and how did I become” this known identity. Ultimately every answer will fall short because any response can be reduced to an ego-based, self-defining concept. Yes, in many ways we have become conceptual ideals of ourselves typically based in what we’ve been taught as good, successful and even happy. Then why arent many of us happy? Why has depression become such a overly used concept? We are, in truth, “spiritual beings having a human experience”. Transpersonal psychology, the 4th Force in the evolution of psychology now teaches us we are infinite beings, with the capacity to create our individuated realities, and transcend the personality traits that often bind us in our beingness. Transformative Spirituality gives breath to this unquantifiable infinity. As spiritual beings we each create. Be it consciously or unconsciously we create the reality (make real) that contain us. Someone once said make a choice or a choice will be made for you. Freewill? Transformative Spirituality offers no predefined notions of what and how of an individual. Transformative Spirituality is not a religious ideology although religion as a concept was created to realign man (source) with the Creator (Greater Source). Please notice the use of the word realign and not reconnect. There is not and cannot be a disconnection from the Source. Transformative Spirituality enlightens. With studied insight we become aware of what and how we’ve created our individuated realities and more importantly who we are within the concept of the very reality we’ve created. From the understanding of who we are there is a new light (enlightenment) of the relationships that support the finite beingness. In identifying these relationships we come closer to better knowing who we are, how we have become and what we need to grow. We dont change the world, we acknowledge and change ourselves. The relationships that support an evolving (new) self-identity are Universally drawn to us, think the popularized Law of Attraction.  Spirituality honors the connection between source and Source. Enlightenment acknowledges the new light always present to us although we’re typically unaware and comfortable in the fear of darkness. Transformative denotes ones capacity to transcend (transform) identities that converge from the many streams rushing in and overwhelming us. I love the study of psychology. I also believe psychology is one stream rushing into the source. Spirituality offers us an awareness of the Source, where transformation is divinely ordained. Freewill? Spiritual Family Guidance acknowledges, honors and facilitates the relationships we each maintain. 

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