Spiritual Family Guidance

The first blog post. The first of what I believe will be many blog posts.

Spirituality has become one of the newest buzz words threatening over exposure. The word itself carries the burden of individual connotations. For many spirituality is directly related to a religious ideology while also free of being possessed by any order, sect or dogma. No religion has the capacity to own spirituality and most, if not all. contend to be spiritual is a key proponent of one’s faith.  I’m of the belief Spirituality is expressed in every facet of our daily lives but perhaps better acknowledged in the relationships we maintain. We relate to all things many without a conscious awareness of those relationships. We all are a product of our relationships be it family, friends, work, Day-Light Savings Time, Winter, Summer, Trees, the list is endless with most going without acknowledgement. For me to be Spiritual or become aware of my own Spirituality is:

  •  Connecting with life’s sacredness: more than a 1/2 empty or 1/2 full philosophy connecting is key to realizing the Spirituality that exits all around us. Perhaps to honor, to even cherish the glass that holds the water better emphasizes the sacredness of life’s offerings. Are you a lover of life or the manager of the levels?
  •  Surrendering to something beyond our limited self: For many this screams of religion and often the turn away from a Higher Power is a rejection of the hypocrisy found in religious ideology. We are limited beings with an expiration date attached but the Ideal of us lives far beyond that date, or so we’d like to believe. We have the capacity to surrender, give ourselves, to something more than just ourselves. Faith, Science, Economics Philosophy and any number of ideologies have the capacity to contain us. There is power in surrender if we weren’t so afraid of losing the illusion of control. What have you given yourself to?
  • Seeing things clearly: Spirituality frees us of the burden of personality, ego, social status and all those other things  we put on like coats fitting the occasion of weather. Clarity allows us to see the divinity in ourselves as a precursor to seeing the divinity in others. Often times what we see in others, what we are aware of in our environments, what we connect to in the world are merely reflections of ourselves. Are you seeing the perfect imperfections that you are?

Family on many levels produce the outcomes of how we know ourselves. For many this is simply accepted, for some it becomes the burden we endure robbing us of our personal bliss. The ideal of family has changed greatly over the decades and what makes up one’s family is more a choice than ever before. If youre a student of psychology you are surely aware of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The third tier to Maslow’s needs is Love and Belonging. To feel a part of or belonging to is a major component of one’s growth and unfolding development. Family, the genetic conspirators of our becoming, dont always provide the much needed Love and Belonging, so we consciously or unconsciously begin to create or become a part of another family. Have you accepted, adopted or created your ideal of family?

Guidance is more about finding your way than being led. Guidance allows a person an opportunity to stop, retrace their steps, and when desired set a new direction. I once read “Life can only be understood looking backwards, but designed to be lived looking forward” Many of us get stuck in our struggle to understand, we’re caught living life looking backwards. True guidance honors the seeker’s need to understand, then frees one to live in the abundance of a new step moving forward. Are you stuck or moving forward?

All the answers to the questions asked are within you. Spirituality ordains each of us to find our truths. Family hones us with a specific perspective in becoming our truths. Guidance gives us permission to understand the journey more clearly,  radically accept or dramatically shift, and change directions of the next step in this journey called life. 

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