Spirituality as a model for change

Transpersonal Psychology is the newest modality offered in the study of psychology. Allow Dr. Richard to walk with you along this part of your journey toward realizing your wholeness.

Dr. Richard has a proven history in assisting children, adolescents, young adults, and adults seeking deeper understandings of self and calming the chaos we invite into our lives.

Couples, Relationships, Blended families, Divorcing families and children will benefit from a Transpersonal perspective and Dr. Richard’s more than 17 years of providing professional counseling services and mediation.

Spiritual Family Guidance is a Psycho-Spiritual approach to mental, behavioral, developmental and relationship oriented counseling services.

Spirituality is about Truth. Individual truth, Family truth, and the Truth and Place we each fill within the Universe.

Through a non-traditional approach to the therapeutic process discover the thoughts, beliefs, and emotional/behavioral patterns that put pure happiness just out of reach.

Proven effectiveness in the areas of: 

  • Saddened by loss

  • Troubled by childhood events

  • Difficulties moving beyond life changes and challenges

  • Children and Adolescents responding poorly to changes/instability in the family

  • Lack of Motivation